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This animation has driven me to writing a short story!
Lets hope it doesn't come out with more animation driven short stories as it's successor.

LOL, didnt you make the rpg?

This was very funny just i didnt realize that Rhete made the rpg! XD, oh and axman13 doesnt have an account anymore?

good, SHOOP DA WHOOP!!!!

haha, my rating is SHOOP DA WHOOP out of 10 luved it. cant wait but rly i gave it 7/10 because i realy was expecting it to be as long as # 1 and the robot thing was getting old because of the 1st one... but i still wonder what the game is gonna be like. i hope you take my advice and try and use it

Sincerley, From you Fan

cobra0528 responds:

You were expecting it to be as long as number 1? This was longer than number 1.

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aah, bravo

just the kindof game i wanted out of newgrounds... and the members of newgrounds. well this is probably the most epic, satisfieing game i have ever played on this site bravo young man... bravo

the gore was perfect, making it seem real. if i could i would put my rating as 15/10.
*laughs* *laughs* i do agree with JackHagan and the graphics and voices were amazng! this is 1 good thing out of another member, and thank you for the entertainment.


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Most adicting and best game ever!!!(on Inter net)

If i could i would give you Infinity/10 if i could, this is teh most addicting game ever!!! i still havnt stoped playing, even when i got all the items and achievments i still restart every time :D BEST GAME EVER!!!!! if any one ever reads this and plays the game, can ya tell me how many achievments/or medals u got, i wanna c hu gets more than me.

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10... i luv techno and this music

great job, hope u survive the other people that might wright bad things on this but this is my opinion... love it, things its amazing. give u a 10

Portal the game!

portal the game has a lvl were it has this music! and you can find this game on steam and stuff, um the guy that has the "orang box" has a couple of games on it for only $39.99 and there good games too! Teamfortress 2 is my fav so is portal, thats why i luv all these portal thing, everyone, plz watch all the portal vids, and liscen to all the portal musics' ok.

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its my fav, now go watch the flash of this song!!!

Psychoknight responds:

It is a catchy tune, ain't it?

I like the "Dark" feel of games as for my "AURA" but feel the need for an appropriate game :3

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